Located in a remote mountain area of Canada, removed from civilization, is Professor Bill O’Connor´s therapy center and clinic. Our female protagonists Sidney, Sarah, Christina and Linda are trying to shed the bonds of a disease all four of them suffer from: They are all of them suicidal. We tell their stories in this plot, which are based on true events.

This is different from the plots of One flew over the cuckoo´s nest or Interrupted girl, as our protagonists are not at the mercy of doctor´s or wardens. They are no prisoners and they are able to move around freely. All patients in this clinic have come here voluntarily. Medication is not administered against their will.

However, rules are tight. The most important one is to break off relations to the outside world for the duration of their stay in the clinic. Mobile phones are forbidden, and no one is allowed to leave the premises without prior consent. The stay in the clinic ends automatically if any of the patients breaks any of these rules.

But now Bill O’Connor himself breaks one of the rules.

He believes he knows all about his patients, he thinks he can assess their actions correctly. Therefore, he agrees to Sarah´s wish to leave the clinic for just one day: to celebrate her birthday. He even lends her his car and he agrees that Christina, Linda and the adolescent Sydney accompany the birthday girl.

Bill O’Connor has no clue that this is the beginning of a catastrophe. He realizes far too late that he h.as made a major mistake.

More than fifty people will have lost their lives at the end of this chain of events.

15 – street / vacant lot / Sidney`s car


We see how Sidney pulls up to the vacant lot, stops the car and turns off the engine. She exits the car, huddled against the cold in her lined winter coat. She looks around, then gets back in her car and leaves.

Sidney’s voice

I drove towards home, stopping near a vacant lot. By this time, I felt that my movements were beginning to slow. They didn’t feel real anymore and were no longer quick, I rather had the feeling to be in slow motion filming. I had a lot of thoughts in my head, but I remember foremost that at this point I didn’t cry. I had a kind of void in my head, there were hardly any thoughts, and I felt surprisingly well.

I poured gasoline first on the front seat and then on the back seat. I liberally sprayed the outside of the vehicle and finally, of course, I sprayed myself with gasoline. I placed the empty can on the seat. After that I got out a pack of matches.

Sidney pulls out a box of matches and slowly takes out one, which she lights by striking it against the box. But the match does not burn. She takes out another one, lights it and we see the burning flames from close up.

Sidney’s voice

Opening the box of matches, I lit one, but I was too soaked with gasoline, so it did not burn immediately. I smiled to myself, thinking, „Well, you just have to light another one“.

From the bright flame of the match we move on to the images of burning people which she had seen earlier on TV. We see these images one by one, like a slide show.

Sidney’s voice

This time, the flame lit up, the gasoline fumes instantly ignited and there was a deafening explosion. The sound was amazingly loud, it felt like I was close to a clap of thunder. A terrible weight fell on me and I immediately felt a piercing pain. Suddenly I wanted to shrink, I wanted to stop this, I felt like a coward. At some point the pain became so unbearable that I was unable to control myself. I reached for the door handle and tried to get out.

 Two men were passing on the other side of the street and they saw my burning car. Quickly, they came over, opened the door and pulled me out. They managed to extinguish the flames by rolling me around on the pavement. They were very excited shouting at the top of their voices: „What a nightmare, what a horrible accident!“ When I heard these words, I felt very disappointed, I even became angry. And therefore, I shouted at them, to put it right: „This is no accident! I tried to kill myself, I wanted to die!“ After these words, emptiness came, I was unconscious.