After Eva´s father´s death, her mother marries the shady businessman Michael Bader who brings two daughters into the relationship.

All of them move into his country house in the middle of nowhere.

In the course of their years as a family, Eva develops a profound feeling of hatred for her stepfather and his daughters. Over the years, her relationship with her mother slowly goes down the drains as well.

Nowadays she only visits her mother for money whenever she is broke.

During one of her visits, she witnesses a telephone conversation between her stepfather and a business contact. The two are talking about a hot deal on the upcoming long weekend at the beginning of May. They agree that it is very convenient that her mother and Michael Bader´s daughters will not be in on that special evening.

Eva plans to attack her stepfather with the help of Hanno and his buddy Dominik. They plan to attack without using violence, any weapons they carry will only act as deterrents. Their plans were tight and should have worked out. However, as in most cases with planning, coincidence plays a part as well. Things go very wrong and at the end of the day, five people will be dead.

Eva´s stepfather is the only survivor of the massacre, and only because Dominik does not shoot him when Eva tells him to do so. A fatal mistake!
The three hide in Matera. Eva and Hanno lay a trap for Dominik and lure him into the valley of death. In an extremely brutal scene Eva kills the man she holds responsible for the international search warrant out for all of them.

Eva and Hanno are lulled into a false sense of security. Hanno should have known, however, that he could not trust his former cellmate from prison, and that he should not tell him secrets. The supposed “friend” is the one who lures them into a trap. He does not betray them to the police, however, what is going to happen is far more worse than the police.

In the final scene, Eva and Hanno die a horrible death. Both are crucified and their crosses erected on a hill, exactly at the same place we saw Mel Gibson as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ”.

The Crucifixion Scene

Golgatha. The final day of shooting. A major achievement of Jessy Moravec and Peter Posniak.

On the final day of shooting we moved to the mountain called Golgatha, after Mel Gibson´s crucifixion scene in his movie “The Passion of the Christ”. Gale-force winds made temperatures fall below zero, and all of us were really cold despite warm pullovers and insulated jackets.

However, we had to shoot this final scene right then and not later, due to our limited funding, we had to finish.

The rehearsals in the morning showed us which dangers we would be putting our two protagonists in: The crosses were 4,60 m high and weighed each 90 kilos. Added to these 90 kilos would be the weight of our protagonists. We had to erect the crosses via two ropes to bring them into their vertical final position. There was no additional security device on their way to the vertical position. In their final position, we would lock them in place with a special mechanism, thus preventing them from toppling over.

We came back to the worrying question again and again: What was going to happen if one of the crosses was not secure by the locking mechanism? We did not want to think about it!

Our actors might have hurt themselves seriously if this had happened, they might even have broken their spines. It was a ghostly sight to look at the crosses swaying alarmingly in the storm.

Our Italian technicians assured us that the locking mechanism would resist this strong wind, Jessy Moravec and Peter Posniak were absolutely willing to try it and therefore, we decided to shoot this scene as a one-take.

And really, the locker mechanism locked up and resisted the wind. The crosses swayed in the storm, but they did not topple.

Jessy Moravec and Peter Posniak had to endure the cold half-naked for more than two hours, and then, finally, the scene was finished! What an amazing performance, both psychologically and physically.

The whole team express their sincere gratefulness to our great actors Jessy Moravec and Peter Posniak.

Wonderful Matera

One of the most important decisions is the right choice of location fitting the topic of the movie. For the filming of “Eva´s Wrath” we had to look for a suitable location for a long time. Finally we found Matera.

Matera is located about 63 km from Bari in the South Italian province of Basilicata. Matera is world-famous for its old town which consists mainly of cave settlements, the so-called sassi. This old town is supposed to be one of the oldest towns of them all. Until the 1950s, people in Matera were very poor, however, Matera as has been awarded world heritage and European cultural capital for 2019, tourists from all over the world come here.

Up to now, three major movies have been filmed in Matera, all of them belonging to the genre of historic movie: Mel Gibson´s “The Passion of the Christ” is the most impressive one.

“Eva´s Wrath” is the first thriller to be filmed in this area.

The beautiful Matera provided a really impressive scenery for our project.

Director Harald Franklin had been searching for months for a suitable actress to be
The leading role. Finally fortune smiled on him and he found the perfect actress
Jessy Moravec, who is one of the most talented young actresses in Germany.
Shooting in Italy. Harald Franklin and Jessy Moravec