Professor Oleg Kovalenko of Kiev University has invited the Iranian writer  Sarah Azimi. She is requested to read from her bestselling novel „Fuel to the Fire“ in  a seminar on Women and Islam. She has always been very critical and open on this topic and was imprisoned in the notorious prison Evin in Tehran for many years. During this time she got to know many women who were later executed.
In her book she describes the exemplary case of Catherine Majidi, a young American woman who converted to Islam in order to follow her husband to Tehran. After being raped but accused of adultery her fate is sealed: Catherine Majidi is sentenced to death through stoning.

All governments of the world should react and fight all nations that still execute this cruel practice of stoning. It is high time that this barbaric practice is put to an end!

 Respecting all religious traditions, respecting all people who worship Allah:

People cannot worship and be religious and at the same time execute people with this barbaric practice. Those people are murderers.


Stop Death by Stoning!


 Written and directed by Harald Franklin

Özay Fecht, Eric R. Gilliatt, René Ifrah, Ramin Yasdani, Cheyenne Rushing, Susannah York

Cinematography: Gunar Newman, Denys Svoiak

Shooting in Ukraine, Malta and Spain

Language: English