AVALON have understood the sign of the times


In addition to my short statement in our category OUR PHILOSOPHY, I would like to add the following remarks:

I will defy all those negative people who claim that cinema has no future!

I really cannot recall anymore how often cinema has been declared dead in the course of the last decades which were dominated by movies. Especially at the point when TV became popular, many people declared that this new technology would be the death of cinema. What a load of absolute rubbish! TV was an additional means of making a movie available to an audience. Private broadcasting companies on TV even extended this range of possible media. And again, many people proclaimed the death of cinema. But no, the opposite was true! Cinema owners understood the sign of the times and houses were modernized. We no longer watched movies in old-fashioned picture-palaces with hard chairs and no central heating. Multiplex cinemas set new standards with modern technical appliances and services. Cinemas were more popular than ever!

Movies were made available in new formats: video tapes, DVD and Blu ray discs became popular. And nowadays, we have cinema standards at home or even on mobile devices. At first glance, this may appear as a new danger for the existence of cinema, however, the people working in this industry will overcome – yet again – this crisis. With our creativity and inventiveness we will transfer cinema into the next and successful age – we will again manage to win the young and also the older generations for movies and cinema.

At this point, I will not bore you with more details about the seemingly endless possibilities and chances for the future of cinema. Let us stick to this: Many areas of business suffer from crises, again and again. This is true for the cinema industry as well, however, we have again and again overcome these crises and have gone back to being successful. This time, we will make it again! It is true, today we have to be inventive. In this time of fast changes, what is “in” today may be “out” tomorrow.

At AVALON, we have understood the sign of the times. We will produce our movies with the greatest perfection and precision and will create a mass audience for them, an audience crazy for our productions.

Nowadays, cheap technologies make it possible for many producers to create simple mass productions, however, we remain calm and believe that quality will win in the end.

Eventually, quality will win and those people who understand the signs of the times in film industry will survive. And it does not really matter if a movie is shown in cinema or not, we will soon see new formats and media to make movies available to new audiences.

We will see new technologies for playing and circulating movies. Filmmakers will always find ways to find new audiences and new markets for their creations. Quality will be crucial for this success.

No one can project the success of a movie production. My stress is on NO ONE as I believe that those who predict success or failure are not very respectable.

High quality and an eye on the financial risk are the ingredients of a successful production.

I hope that you, dear reader, will agree with me.


And now, I tell all readers of this statement: Let it rip!