The Trial

On trial at Paderborn District Court, Angelika W. recently divulged further details on what happened in the „horror house“. The 47-years old defendant described how she and her ex-husband, also a defendant in this trial, tormented a woman from Magdeburg in their house for several months. She declared that the cruelties were initiated by Wilfried W. and described how her ex-husband force-fed cold water to the victim in order to give her the impression of drowning. While conducting this cruel event, he cut the victim´s upper lip with the water bowl.

The victim allegedly had to sign a document stating that there had been no violence before her tormentors released her. This had been declared already on the first day of trial by Angelika W.

The prosecuting attorney accuses the two who had been a married couple earlier, to have lured women to the town of Hoexter over a period of two years and to have brutally tormented the victims in their house. Two women from Lower Saxony died of these cruelties, two further victims were able to escape.

The couple is charged with a double murder charge.

The trial has been going on since October 2016 and the prosecutor has concentrated on the female defendant so far. Angelika W. has incriminated herself and her ex-husband: She has stated that it was her who committed most of the cruelties, however, that she acted on behalf of her husband. She stated further that her ex-husband had also tormented her. Wilfried W. has not given evidence so far. His lawyers, however, tell us that he blames his ex-wife as the main perpetrator.

Police headquarters / interrogation room

Chief Inspector Werner Hagedorn:

What did you do with the dead body? I mean, where did you store the corpse?


Well, now, to begin with, we stored her dead body in our freezer. And I tell you it was not easy. The freezer was packed with our food, so we had to take some of it out first. Anika was already lying next to the freezer on a pink sheet. She was looking at me all the time, she had this strange look on her face. Okay, I have to admit, she was already dead, but I was really freaked out by this stare. Finally, I couldn´t stand it anymore and put one of these grey rubbish bags around her head. Wilfried helped me and together we managed to lift her into the freezer, her legs had to be crossed. We put the food on top of her, but some didn´t fit anymore. So we took some of the food, let it thaw and then we ate it.

Chief Inspector Werner Hagedorn:

And how did you finally get rid of her?


We had already burnt all per papers and her clothes had been taken to the used clothes place. Wilfried didn´t like to be in the same house with the dead body, so we slept in a hotel for the first nights.

I thought that was far too expensive and we decided to go home again. I wanted to defrost some food at some point, but when I opened the freezer to take out some fish, it was all smelly inside. The fish also smelt really bad. So we decided to burn Anika. We knew we needed a saw first, so Wilfried bought a metal saw, put the CD-Player right next to the freezer and played some really loud music. I started by taking off one of Anika´s lower legs, then I cut it into four pieces which fit into the oven. Wilfried didn´t like the whole thing, he only risked a short glance from time to time. Most of the time he was sick, he was puking  all over our living room, can you imagine! I used up four blades, I nearly went crazy, man, it´s really tricky to cut up a dead body with a metal saw, and inside the freezer at that!

My Anika was frozen to the food inside the freezer! I couldn´t get her out on my own and Wilfried was no help, mind you. So finally, I just turned the freezer upside down, I tell you I had to do the hard work all by myself. But in the end I managed to cut her into small pieces. Piece by piece I burnt her in the oven. I used a hammer to grind the ash after it had cooled down, this was really disgusting, the ash was oily somehow.

Wilfried had the idea to mix it with road salt and get rid of it by salting the streets and roads in our area on a cold day. So we mixed 25 kilos with it and drove around salting the the whole place. That was it.

Chief Inspector Werner Hagedorn:

I think that will be enough for today. Let´s continue tomorrow. End of interrogation on Tuesday, 4.30 pm.