Nicaragua. Six men and one woman want to free the wife of a wealthy landowner from rebels. Their leader, David Guerra, has a brilliant and allegedly perfect plan for this operation; however, no plan is ever really perfect, and it turns out that this is only too true for this plan as well. In the course of a spectacular showdown –     a showdown that has not often been seen in action movies – THE GLOIOUS SEVEN will have to realize that it has been a mistake to take on this mission impossible. The movie THE GLORIOS SEVEN is a homage to Akira Kurosawas The Seven Samurai dating from the year 1954. This latter movie inspired the Western directed by John Sturges (The Magnificent Seven (1960) as well as the Western–Remake (2016) directed by Antoine Fuqua.

THE GLORIOUS SEVEN would fit into the setting and the time of a typical Western movie. However, this movie is set in modern times and the modern world, and this is a very action-oriented movie. The film has been shot and finalized and is currently in the process of post- production. What we can say so far: This is a big movie and would be a big movie even without the big title The Glorious SevenTo compare it to The Magnificent Seven might be a problem because of the difference in genre, but if you ask for action or suspense, The GLORIOUS SEVEN will satisfy your every need.

Written and directed by Harald Franklin

Jerry Kwarteng, Fernando Corral, Maurice Nash, Marina Kinski, Ilker Kurt, Ender Atac, Fernando Carrera, Max Gromov, Alek Beardman, Usman Maqbool, Sarah Salomo, Carlos Santos, Juan Ruiz and Julia Mulligan

Cinematography: Guni  Newman, Brian Dean Goff, Denys Svoiak

Shooting in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine

Language: English

Dub Version: Spanish, German, Russian

Subtitle Version: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkey, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hindu, Arabic

running time: 110 minutes

currently under post production, will be finalized by mid-2017


More Information will follow